Hi, I'm Tommaso Armstrong, a PhD UX researcher passionate about designing inclusive and meaningful experiences.

About me

A picture of Tommaso standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I’m a Human Computer Interaction PhD student at the University of Technology Sydney with undergrad degrees in Computing and Design Innovation. My research examines how social platforms shape the experiences of queer young men and explores how their design could be improved.

I also teach into Interaction Design and Design Innovation subjects at UTS. Working with students to help them expand their thinking and develop their ideas is one of my favourite things to do.

I'm fascinated by the interactions people have with technology and by the ethical, philosophical and societal implications surrounding them. I'm passionate about using design for good and promoting inclusion, accessibility and well-being.

If I'm not working/studying, I can usually be found out on the street with my camera, buried in a tech/sociology book or hacking on side projects.

You can find my ramblings on Mastodon, my photography on Instagram, and my CV here. If you'd like to email me, feel free to reach me at hi@tomma.so.


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