PhD in Human Computer Interaction

Social platforms increasingly mediate our social interactions, and the work within HCI that explores how they shape experience is overwhelmingly heteronormative. My research aims to contribute a queer perspective that shows how social platforms play a role in the lives and experiences of queer young men and to aid designers in creating technology that is more supportive of them.

Design workshops

Based on the findings from my research so far, I'm running co-design workshops in the SF Bay Area when I visit in June 2023.

I'm looking for people interested in helping me explore how the design of social platforms could be better for queer young men.

What's involved

πŸ‘‰ Attend a 2-3 hour co-design session πŸ‘‰ You’ll get to explore how you’d augment, re-design or re-imagine the social platforms used by queer young men
πŸ‘‰ You won’t be asked to share any confidential or proprietary information related to your current or former employers

Workshop details

πŸ•™ Saturday 10 am β€” attend either June 17 or July 1 πŸ“ Noisebridge β€” 272 Capp St, San Francisco

You can participate if you’re

βœ… working in UX/design/tech
βœ… based in the SF Bay Area
βœ… queer or an ally

Sign up here

For more information, see the Participant Information Sheet or feel free to email me

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